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Forum Rules and Regulations
General Rules

Warning Structure:
1.) First Warning
2.) Second Warning
3.) Third Warning
4.) Temporary Ban (48 Hours)
5.) Permanent Ban
These warnings are cumulative, which means you only have 4 full warnings. You may receive verbal warnings for more minor infractions, though that is at the discression of the moderator. Your 5th offence is a permanent ban. We do keep track and we will remember your previous offences. You may request a warn reduction, this will be discussed in more detail later.
***Remember all bans placed on you here will be result in your being banned from the game and vice versa***

1. No offensive language in posts or private messages towards another player or a moderator. Excessive swearing, flaming, and trolling will result in the offender receiving a warn.

2. Players are allowed to have one forum account and one citizen. Players citizen names and forum accounts name must match exactly. Offensive citizen names are not allowed. The only people allowed to have more than one forum account are the forum moderators.

3. Spamming is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Do not create repeat topics either, as these will be read as spam, and a warning will be given for it. Please keep any non-CyberCitizens related discussion in the Water Cooler.

4. Do not ask or campaign to be a moderator. Doing so will just decrease your chances of ever receiving an invitation.

5. Filtered words are filtered for a reason. Please do not attempt to evade word filters; doing so will result in a warning.

6. White or hidden text is not permitted on the forums. Text should be visible easily and clearly.

Personal Information
Posting of players personal information without their consent is strictly prohibited and will be met with a warn this includes (but is not limited to) pictures, IP addresses, names and emails.

Your signature is limited to a single image no more than 450x150 in size. However, you may post multiple images in your signatures if they are small enough (for example, user bars). We do allow you to have avatars as well as signatures. Your avatar has a 150 x 150 pixel (5.3 mb) limit. You are expected to follow the guidelines for your signatures, or it will be removed by a moderator, and you may recieve a warn.
1. Do not use more than 1 quote tag - it takes up way too much space.
2. Do not use fonts over size 5, use the default size or smaller please.
3. Images must remain in good taste. Refrain from being offensive, as well as staying withing the general forum rules.
4. No more than 8 lines of links or text. An image counts as one line of text.

In Character
In Character means that the player is speaking as the character they created on the game, or another fictional persona for the sake of a RP. Anything said is spoken from the viewpoint of that character and has no bearing on the player’s emotions or feelings in real life, or on the game mechanics.

Out of Character
Out of Character means the player is speaking as themselves, a human sitting at a computer, playing a game. OOC is primarily used in clarification of the IC part of a post, or to ask a question about the RP of another player. ***OOC comments belong in the OOC Forum ONLY***

Author Rights in the RP Forum
An author can designate a thread to be a closed RP, by putting [CLOSED RP] in either the thread title or subtitle. They must specify in the original post the individuals or groups who will be permitted to participate. They may not exclude specific users or groups from the RP.

An author may add or remove individuals or groups from an existing closed RP, however a thread cannot be retroactively made into a closed RP. Posting in a closed RP without permission will result in a warning.

Joining a Closed RP
If you see a RP that is private or restricted, respect the wishes of the thread author and those involved. If you want to join, send them a private message, or post a request in the OOC forum. If you choose to join in without the author's permission, you may be met with a warn.

Report Abuse
Any knowledge of cheaters (or suspected) should be reported in either the moderation forum or PMed to a moderator. Attempted abuse of either the moderation forum or report button will be met with a warn.

Moderator Bias
Claims of moderator bias should be directed towards the CyberCitizens Head Forum Administrator: Philotheos. These claims will be taken seriously. Do not impersonate the moderators in any fashion (which is not limited to: the use of avatars or signatures used by a moderator. Ask permission if you wish to use something of that nature)

Warn and Ban Appeals
If players recieve a warn, they may request a warn reduction after no less than one month has passed since the last action on their warn log. Actions can be viewed by clicking "view warnings" for oneself. You may either make your reduction request via private message to a moderator, or in the moderation forums.

Questionable Actions and Content
The forum rules are not designed to cover every scenario. Any action that is seen to be counter-productive or harmful to the forum community may be met with moderator action against your account. The Cyber Citizens Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time.

These forum rules are not permanent and are subject to change at any time, without any notice to the players. You as a player are responsible for keeping up to date with them.